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Responsive website design is about creating a website that reacts appropriately to the device people are browsing with. Your website should appear and behave differently to a mobile user with a 4 inch screen than to a desktop user with an enormous display.

Once upon a time optimizing your site for mobile users was an optional aside; something to think about ‘when you get the chance’ but never your number 1 priority. Lately this has changed big time. Full article


The Fascinating Science Of Aesthetics | Co.Design | business + design

new study out of Yahoo Labs looked at what kind of aesthetics attract people, using a relatively new tool: digital photo filters. The researchers wanted to know whether manipulated images on the web engage people more than unfiltered ones. They assessed 7.6 million photos from Instagram and Flickr, and controlled for variables like the number of followers and how many tags a photo had. The results showed a distinct difference: people are 21% more likely to view filtered photos and 45% more likely to comment on them, compared to regular photos.